Texture on the Farm

Since it has been a while since my last entry I wanted mix it up a bit. Recently while I was at a vintage baseball game I looked around and noticed the setting that I was in. Yes there was a group of guys playing 1860’s style baseball in vintage uniforms but upon closer look I couldn’t help but notice the details around the farm.
Ipswich Brewery Truck

One of the big draws to the games on the farm is the Ipswich Brewery Truck, complete with working taps.

Above the Barn

One of my favorite shots from this set, I like the color and shape contrast between the linear lines within the barns opposite of the white puffy clouds that float above.

Barn Side Entrance

Tone and texture sparked my interest as one side is clapboard, another shingle and the foundation brick.


In addition to some great textures the farm has some beautiful animals


The amount of moving elements in the underneath of this tractor made for an interesting composition.


Alright, this one isn’t beautiful but he has great texture in his hair.


This is the entrance to one of the houses on the premises. I was drawn to the mismatched sizes of the door and window.


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