Sportrait Series: Baseball Grit

Over the next few months, I will be introducing a new collection of images called Sportraits. This collection will feature athletes and teams from a variety of sports. Sportraits aren’t your typical team and player photo that you have taken at the beginning of the season. Sportraits are a photo journalistic representation of you and/or your team capturing the passion, guts, strength, and commitment that athletes go through. Each session is shot in the setting of the sport and/or in a studio to capture the mixture of emotions athletes endure during competition. Below is a sampling of the first entry in the Sportrait series and it just happens to be my personal favorite sport, baseball taken in late July.

Senior Portrait Session

People have asked me, “Do you only shoot sports?” The answer is NO. In fact I enjoy doing portrait work as well and will start to showcase more of it on my site, like starting now.