MMA Sportrait Session

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters from Tokyo Joe’s Studios/Miletich Fighting Systems. All of the guys were great to work with and I can say I held my head high knowing that I came back from the shoot in one piece! A big thank you to Ed Carr and the rest of the crew and thank you for not tearing me into little shreds. This series of shots is a continuation of my Sportrait collection where I capture the emotion of athletes and also transitions my photography into the commercial art area which will include more than just athletes. If you like what you see please leave a comment or share this link, I always welcome feedback.

Sportrait Series: Volleyball Part 2

The volleyball Sportrait concludes with Part two of the session. This time Brittany brings her emotion to the session. Also congratulations to the NHTI volleyball teams as they just recently captured the YSCC conference championship.

Sportrait Series: Volleyball Part 1

Today starts a new blog format for the site. The photos are now larger allowing for a better look at the work. Comments and recent posts are still available and are located at the end of each story.

Sportrait Series: Baseball Grit

Over the next few months, I will be introducing a new collection of images called Sportraits. This collection will feature athletes and teams from a variety of sports. Sportraits aren’t your typical team and player photo that you have taken at the beginning of the season. Sportraits are a photo journalistic representation of you and/or your team capturing the passion, guts, strength, and commitment that athletes go through. Each session is shot in the setting of the sport and/or in a studio to capture the mixture of emotions athletes endure during competition. Below is a sampling of the first entry in the Sportrait series and it just happens to be my personal favorite sport, baseball taken in late July.